Watching TV on Android & iOS is now easier than ever, thanks to dozens of IPTV applications that can be downloaded. Among them is DADU TV, an app that offers us Indian and British TV absolute

Indian TV and television channels in English
It may not be the best application for watching TV (others like Mobdro and You TV Player come to mind) due to the amount of advertising that it features.

But if you are looking for Indian TV channels along with others that are broadcast in English, this app features a very decent range of content. All you have to do is browse the menu and when you find something you want to watch, simply tap on it.

The app offers all its channels in a general menu, but users can go straight to channels that specialize in sports shows given that it features specialized content. So whether you want to watch movies, series, TV shows, or whether you want to enjoy football or the top cricket matches you won't be disappointed.👇Click the Link